Lumbini -The Birth Place of Gautam Buddha is situated is the Rupandehi District of Nepal. It is the place where, according to Buddhist tradition, Queen Mahamaya gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama in 563 BCE. Later on known as Buddha considered the founder of Buddhism. Enlightened the whole world with his knowledge and thought us the lesson of peace and non violence.

Top Attractions

Maya Devi Temple - Shrine for the Mother of Lord Buddha.
Maya Devi Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple situated at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lumbini, Nepal. It is the main temple at Lumbini, a site traditionally considered the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. The temple stands adjacent to a sacred pool (known as Puskarni) and a sacred garden. The archaeological remains at the site were previously dated to the third-century BCE brick buildings constructed by Ashoka.[1] A sixth-century BCE timber shrine was discovered in 2013.

Ashoka Pillar - Mark of Birth Site of Lord Buddha
The Ashoka Pillar in lumbini is one of the 3rd Century stone pillars built under the reign of Emperor Ashoka. It was erected as a mark of respect by Ashoka after he visited Lord Buddha's place of birth and decided to accept Buddhism. These facts make the pillar a significantly important attraction in the country.

Puskarni Pond
Sacred pond Puskarni where Queen Mayadevi had her bath just before giving birth to the Buddha.

Lumbini Monastic Site – Open Mini Buddhist World
It is well known as "a monastic zone" among its visitors. There are more than 25 monasteries which are built by different countries that follow Buddhism. These are the main attractions which attracts crowds of people to visit Lumbini.

How to Reach:

By Air
The closest airport to Lumbini is at Bhairahawa Airport approx 22km from Lumbini direct flights from Kathmandu airport. ( Nepal ) and Kushinagar International Airport approx 180 Kms from Lumbini

By Train
The closest and most reliable railway station is Gorakhpur, when anyone is going from India.

By Road
Buses between Lumbini and Sunauli / Gorakhpur is available. Taxi from Siddhartha nagar, or Mahrajganj or from kathmandu or Gorakhpur are available to reach Lumbini. The roads are in good conditions. However, in rainy seasons, due to landslides, roads can be in bad shape.